Friday summary


In few minutes first day will be over. Some teams are still at the venue and working! In total 8 teams were formed, here is the list with short descriptions:

  •  E-warranty, mobile application scanning receipts and automatically creating product list with warranty information.
  • FitsU, mobile application that finds clothes simply fitting you!
  • Foody, application for info-kiosks located in hipermarkets (Tesco, etc.) showing to customers only recipes filtered by their prices/cooking time/ingredients criteria.
  • FitTheKit, easy way to create your kitchen plan in 3D.
  • U.Promised, easily create a short-term reminder in only 5 second & with 3 clicks.
  • 4 Blood Type, mobile application that helps people eat healthy and accordingly with their blood type.
  • Salelo, mobile application that helps you find and share infos about promotions and sales in your neighbourhood.
  • Pitch & Go, magic solution to improve organizing Startup Weekends and similar events.

See you tomorrow at 9AM on breakfast!